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Ingebo hagar - the small village just outside Vimmerby

Just in the south of Vimmerby in Småland lies the old village  of Ingebo. Here people and animals have lived for hundreds of years. Through their efforts to survive and support themselves, a landscape has been formed. Fields have been cleared out of the rocky soil, and the cultivation rocks and stone walls have been created when stone is laid to stone by dense hands. Through woods and fields, wagon wheels, feet and cloves have cleared paths and driveways. In many ways, we see today the traces of the ancestors and their endeavors.

Today, the families Lindelöf and Pommerenke are operating through the economic association based on KRAV, FSC and PEFC certified land and forestry. Another important starting point for all activities in the village of Ingebo is to "operate without spending". By this we mean that through a thorough cycle of thought, we constantly try to balance the use or consumption of what is being built or planted. The aim is to "use without spending" through this expression "develop the whole village, and all it has to provide, to form a basis for diversity of activities, income opportunities and people. Of course, we try to save energy and other resources in a smart way.

In 2014-2015, thoughts about the circuit work were compiled in a booklet called; We have started our trip from a farm village to a  organic village. In the booklet you can read more about the farm, the cultivation, the forest and the cooperation on the farm. You can also read about our ponds as well as about the soles. It's only  available in Swedish.

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Ingebo hagar Economic Association

On 24 May 2011 formed the cooperative association Ingebo Hagar out of five rural enthusiasts. The goal of the association is to provide a base for a range of activities carried out on the basis of KRAV, FSC and PEFC certified agriculture, forestry and organic animal farming in the village Ingebo.

The aim is to develop the whole village, and all it has to give, to serve as a base for a variety of businesses and people. Together you can accomplish alot! Recycling principles is our aim and a sustainable future our goal!

Today there is the organic cafe, which forms the heart of the village. Around this also conducted an open courtyard with small animals, farm shop, Aunt Agnes guest houses and trails in the forest.

Ingebo village is located 5 km south of Vimmerby in Småland.

About us

Family Lindelöf

On the farm lives Kristina Lindelöf (11th generation) together with her three daughters, Maria, Jenny and Lovisa. In the house the dogs Charlie and Eddie lives. On the farm also lives Gotland sheep, ducks, pigs, chickens, rabbits and cats.

Family Pommerenke

Hans and Susanne Pommerenke stands for the business in the Ekocafé with experience from the restaurant industry in southern Germany. Their daughter Bianka and her partner Christian also works in the cafe. The other children Nina, Janis and Kim also helps in the cafe. Susanne grows some of the vegetables, herbs and flowers to the café. The family also includes the dogs Gina, Lizzie and cat Joey.


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