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The animals in Ingebo

Generation and utilization traditionally have characterized the pastures surrounding Ingebo. When the family Lindelöf took over one of the farms in Ingebo by 1994 the pastures in the village lain uncultivated for several years. With the help of a small chain saw, many hours of work and a growing flock of sheep and EU financial support to the open landscape has about 50ha natural grasslands restored.

In the village you can visit  sheep (Gotland), cows (Fjällko and Jersey), pigs (Linderöd), horses, ducks, chickens, rabbits. dogs and cats.

In Ingebo lives about 130 sheep of the breed Gotlandsfår. The production is KRAV certified (organic). Leather and wool products sold in the farmshop. Some of the meat is served in Ekocafé in the courtyard. In spring many lambs are born here in Ingebo.

The cat Pelle and his friends Maja, Bill and Bull you can catch sight of every now and then when they come back from their adventures in the woods. Pelle, who is a black and white cat, is the Ekocafé garrulous housecat. He often hangs around the cafe and talking happily with the guests. In the evenings you can see Pelle take a rest after the day's adventures on a soft sheepskin upstairs or outside on the stone fence.

Hiking trails

In Ingebos pastures and woodlands there are several hiking trails to discover the nature of Småland through. You can borrow Coffee Baskets, palanquin to the children, and klövjeväskor (for small and large dog) in the cafe. Where you can buy sandwiches, cakes, buns and fill them with. At the car park there are mailboxes with maps that you can take with you on your hike.


You can choose the length of your hike: 1.2 km, 1.4 km, 2.4 km, 4.2 km trails are well marked.

You can hike whenever you want! Good luck and welcome to Ingebos pastures and woodlands!

The garden

Winter 2012-2013 we built a greenhouse and outdoor cultivation in Ingebo hagar. This is where we grow our vegetables and berries to Ekocafé. We have also built a display garden that you can visit and be inspired by!

The cultivation of Ingebo pastures are organic and biodynamic. Cultivation method strives to create a healthy agriculture with healthy products. Fertilizers used in the garden is organic, from the farm's sheep and horses, as Susanne compost with kitchen and garden waste. Seeds used for the cultivation of organic Runåbergs seeds but also own seeds to be taken advantage of in the fall.


In connection with the farms are also village hives that supplies the cafe with honey and pollinate the flowers.


Horseback riding in Ingebo


Experience idyllic Småland on horseback with one of our friendly horses, ponies or Icelandic horses with a trained instructor. After the ride, there is a possibility to a After Ride with food and refreshments in Ingebos Ekocafé.

Contact: Annika Rönning and Malin Jansson, Phone: +46 70 279 63 83


Hunting arrangements

You are very welcome to us at Jernuddens for a hunting and outdoor experience.

In cooperation with Ingebo hagar offers Jernuddens hunting in various forms.

Contact:  Kim Börjesson, Phone: +46 70-423 14 48, E-mail: info@jernuddens.se, Website: www.jernuddens.se


Kontakt: kristina@ingebohagar.se, +46 70-6583212

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